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What is Therapy?

Counselling and Therapy has been proven to reduce anxiety and assist in resilience in dealing with specific life issues, or in coping with and managing existing situations

Generally, Counselling is a shorter piece of work and will focus on a specific issue you may be struggling with in your life and aims to assist you in finding ways in which to cope with that problem or view it from a different perspective.

Therapy whilst being similar to Counselling, however, tends to focus on how you are in the world as opposed to dealing with one particular issue in isolation. Therapists have been specifically trained in creating a safe, long-term space where deeper issues can be explored and processed.

Clients often come to Counselling to deal with particular problems, but choose to continue their explorations as a way of making their lives richer and more meaningful.

There are many different theories and trainings, but research suggests that the quality of the relationship that the client and therapist can build between them is more important than the type of therapy. You don't necessarily need to know anything about the different approaches to Therapy before choosing a therapist or counsellor.